I Need to Better Manage My Weight: How Can You Help?

I Need to Better Manage My Weight: How Can You Help?

If you do an internet search for the term “weight loss,” a whopping 1.86 billion results pop up in under a second. Unfortunately, most of these results are long on promises and short on results, adding another hurdle to your weight loss journey.

At our practice, Dr. Sean Nikravan and our team understand the many frustrations and challenges you face when you try to lose weight, and we’re here to help. Through personalized, evidence-based weight management programs, we provide you with the resources and tools you need to transform your life.

There are no magic bullets, but there is help

The first thing to understand about weight loss is that, despite what various products and services may tell you, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to losing weight. We urge you not to let this fact discourage you as weight loss is highly achievable if you have the right team in your corner.

Embarking on a weight management program takes some effort, and you want to make sure that your efforts are rewarded. Without an experienced team helping you, you may not be taking the right steps for your unique circumstances and goals, in effect, wasting your efforts.

With our help, we ensure that every step you take toward losing weight is a step in the right direction.

Personalizing your weight loss program

One of the primary benefits of our weight loss services is that we customize your program to you. To get started, we review your health, lifestyle, and medical history, and then we perform a few analyses to determine whether any other factors are contributing to your weight problem, such as your hormones.

Armed with this information, we can determine the best approach to help you better manage your weight.

Getting specific

While it’s well and good to say that you need to cut calories and exercise more, these actions are far more complex than these simple words imply.

Through our weight management program, we devise exercise regimens that best meet your circumstances and lifestyle, and we supply you with nutritional information, recipes, and more to help you manage your diet so you lose weight and improve your health.

Small steps, big rewards

Through our medical weight loss program, we take incremental and healthy steps toward shedding the pounds. For example, losing just 5%-10% of your body fat can deliver incredible results, such as lowering your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and your potential for insulin resistance.

Once we get you to this point and you realize these amazing benefits, we build upon this success until we reach your own weight personal goals.

Mental support matters

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder that’s making losing weight difficult, we connect you with therapists who can help address this piece of the puzzle.

Even if you don’t have an eating disorder, our support, compassion, and one-on-one attention can make all the difference on your weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to take charge of your health and your life through meaningful weight loss, contact our office in Newport Beach, California, to learn more about our effective weight management services.

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