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Should You Have Thyroid RFA on Nodules Before They Become Compressive?

Should You Have Thyroid RFA on Nodules Before They Become Compressive?

Early intervention and preventive care — these two concepts form a solid foundation of great health, and we take them very seriously here at our practice.

As specialists in endocrinology, including the thyroid gland, Dr. Sean P. Nikravan understands the many ways in which thyroid disease can affect your health. Our goal is to take early and decisive action to prevent much larger problems down the road.

To give you an idea about how successful this approach can be, this blog explores the benefits of early intervention with thyroid nodules using nonsurgical thyroid RFA.

When thyroid nodules become compressive

Thyroid nodules are growths that develop on your thyroid gland, which is a butterfly-shaped organ located at the front of your throat. These nodules are extremely common and affect up to 65% of the population

In most cases, these growths are benign (noncancerous), but they can grow large enough to place pressure on the surrounding area, affecting your:

When this occurs, the nodule becomes compressive, which means that the pressure of the growing tissue creates symptoms or interferes with function. For example, some compressive thyroid nodules can lead to difficulty swallowing or even breathing. Compressive nodules can also cause a feeling of fullness in your neck or they can lead to food getting stuck in your throat.

Clearly, the symptoms of compressive thyroid nodules can be more than just a minor hassle. The good news is that we can prevent these compressive symptoms from occurring in the first place by treating thyroid nodules before they put pressure on nearby vital structures.

Taking early action with thyroid nodules

It used to be that removing a problematic thyroid nodule required open surgery, but removal techniques have advanced considerably.

At our practice, Dr. Nikravan is an expert in the use of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to precisely and quickly excise thyroid growths. Using ultrasound to guide him, Dr. Nikravan inserts a small probe into the nodule and delivers the RF energy, which heats up and destroys the problematic tissue.

Not only is thyroid RFA accurate and quick, Dr. Nikravan performs this minimally invasive procedure on an outpatient basis, which means you’re free to go home afterward. Your recovery at home is also fairly fast, and you should be back to your regular routine in just a few days. Rest assured, we provide you with complete instructions for your recovery.

Because of these benefits and our ability to practice better preventive care, thyroid RFA is fast becoming the best way to address potentially compressive thyroid nodules. In fact, one study concludes that, “Radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules is a safe and minimally invasive technique that is efficacious in the treatment of benign thyroid nodules, including toxic nodules.”

If you want to stay one step ahead of thyroid nodules and prevent them from becoming compressive, we suggest that you come see us for a comprehensive evaluation.

To get started, please contact our office in Newport Beach, California, to set up an appointment with Dr. Nikravan.

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