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Medical Weight Loss Program


Why join this program?

  • Lose weight with one-on-one supervision from a trained physician with expertise in metabolism
  • Get off or reduce your medications, and lower the cost of your prescription drugs
  • Create a personalized diet and exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and medical needs
  • Control your diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol naturally through diet and weight loss
  • Decrease joint pain and osteoarthritis
  • Increase your libido
  • Improve your health and live longer
  • Learn how to prepare caloric balanced meals
  • No invasive surgery or liquid diets

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Is it safe?

Yes, this program is a medical weight loss program under the guidance of a physician that will closely supervise you and your medical conditions. We will make changes to your existing care based on degree of weight loss.

How to get started?

1. Sign up and schedule a consultation with Dr. Nikravan

2. Dr. Nikravan will customize a weight loss program based on your specific goals

3. Excercise your customized plan and get to the weight you always wanted



Dr. Sean P. Nikravan, M.D. FACE

Dr Sean Nikravan is a trained Endocrinologist and metabolic expert who has helped hundreds of patients lose weight up to 150 lbs. He brings with him a decade of experience in directing medical weight loss programs and is also an expert in physical fitness training. Dr Nikravan leads a team of medical professionals including an Internist and a therapist specializing in eating disorders who will aid in monitoring and guiding your progress through this program.

Dr. Nikravan has been voted top Endocrinologist in Orange County three consecutive years 2012, 2013, and 2014. He has lectured hundreds of physicians all over California and the west coast. His main area of interest is managing obesity and Diabetes through lifestyle changes and minimizing the use of medications.


“Dr. Nikravan really took a personal interest in my health and held my hand and walked me through every step of this program. I had tried every diet in the book but never had any lasting effects, the success of this program is in the personalized coaching and support from a physician.”


“I am finally able to do the things I was never able to do before. I can exercise without getting short of breath, my joints no longer hurt, and I can enjoy a healthy active sex life.”


“This program helped me loose 40 lbs in 12 weeks and now I am off insulin and my blood pressure medicines. I have never felt this good before, I only wish I had done this program much earlier in life.”



Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not just weight loss but a lifestyle change that replaces unhealthy habits and brings about a change that can last through an individual’s lifetime. In this program our physician will be your personal weight loss coach , who will guide you through your own personalized diet plan, physical fitness training, and oversee your overall health condition in order to achieve your desired weight goal. Through this lifestyle change we also aim to control medical conditions such as Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol utilizing a natural approach and in turn decrease or eliminate medications taken for these medical issues.

In order to have a successful weight loss program, we have created a multidisciplinary approach of clean eating, calorie maintenance, physical fitness, mental health awareness, and nutritional supplementation.

Our goal is to help you reduce your dependence on pharmaceuticals, which can be done in the appropriate setting under direct physician supervision. Obesity is the single most expensive health care risk factor which affects almost every organ system. Obesity is directly correlated with shortened life span and poor overall personal satisfaction. Your retirement years should not be spent at doctor’s offices or hospital visits. Take charge of your health and protect your greatest asset.


Dr. Sean P. Nikravan, MD, FACE
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