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The most frequent questions we as physicians get asked on a daily basis are “Do I need any vitamins?”, “Which supplements should I be taking?”, and “Does the brand of my vitamin really matter?”

Our answer to these questions is that yes, most people can benefit from the correct vitamin supplementation. Ideally if we all ate organic, farm fresh foods that covered a wide array of fruits and vegetables, we might not need vitamins. Yet most people do not get most of their produce from a local farm and instead buy it at a local grocery store, where it sits for weeks in storage houses and gets multiple additives added to make them look colorful and fresh.

However, not every person needs every vitamin. We often see patients come in with a bag full of vitamins, half of which have no clear indication of why the patient is taking them, and the other half could actually be causing some harm to their system. This is the reason we go through our patient’s supplement list and often tell them to not take any supplements until we have tested and evaluated their vitamin levels.

We initially noticed that as we placed patients on many common brands of vitamins and tested them in a few months, we found that the levels had not gone up or only changed minimally. It was this finding that started our quest of creating a vitamin line that used only pure ingredients with no impure additives that had maximal absorption.

At N-Harmony, we have partnered with the leading manufacturer in the nutritional supplement industry and have come up with a product line that is free of any binders, and other potential allergy- causing additives.

In this vitamin line, extensive steps are taken to eliminate GMO’s, gluten, and dairy. Our products, such as fish oil, are tested for mercury, PCBs, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. The botanical products and minerals get tested for heavy metals such as lead, as well as residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Our products are manufactured in the USA at an American owned and FDA inspected facility.


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